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*Premium* Trans-Resveratrol

*Premium* Trans-Resveratrol

HK$388.00 一般價格

* Preminum Resevratrol is the special, unique trans-resevratrol found in U.S.A. This product has FDA and GMP. Every capsule has 250mg, recommend take 1 or 2 capsule per day with pure water.  This unique formula can see the best result of Anti-Aging and keep healthier & youngful looks. This supplement can reverse your ages, antivirus, anti-cancer & booasting your energy back as ten year younger. Protection from DNA damage with the natural compound resveratrol.  Most scientists who major in molecular and medical biology know that the tumor suppressor protein p53 plays a key role in the regulation of DNA repair system. Thus,  the effect of resveratrol on the transcription ( a means of copying DNA to produce proteins) of  the TP53 gene that encodes the p53 protein. Reservatrol is comfirmed as one of the most effective DNA Repair in the world. More details and researches can check with Harvard Medical School Scientist Dr. David Sinclair in differ social medias and articles. 

Not recommend for pregnant women & any surgery period.

Please kindly check with your family doctor. 

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